Feb 24, 2006

Yay I made it!

Yeah! I made it to the Top 100 sellers listing on Etsy.com! I'm so happy and excited! :D Hopefully I dont drop tomorrow though. LOL Cos I didnt sell anything today. Okie actually I did :D

Can you find me? :D


Stéphanie & René said...

Wow! I'm soo glad to know that you are in the top seller! I go see in the etsy to find the same picture you show at your blog, but I can't found! Where in etsy you can see if you are in the top seller?

Hope that you help you to have some new customers!

Stéphanie alias zezette or Sandoz! Fiou, I have a lot of name! hahaha

Starry Designs said...

Go to the etsy main page, click on the word "sampler" and it'll load the top sellers! :D

LOL you do have a really long name! LOL

Kristen Mintz said...

You go girl! Such pretty things- you deserve it!