Sep 30, 2007

New Etsy checkout tutorial

Paypal changed their entire look so a new step by step checkout tutorial was due. Today I managed to buy something and took screenshots of the whole process. My checkout tutorial is all new now! Check it out here.


de Cor's said...

Heya, this really is a very informative piece, may I put a hyperlink to your step-by-step guide in my blog? Thanks in advanced!


Starry Designs said...

Hi there, not a problem! I know something have been changed, but go ahead and link it if it is still relevant.

de Cor's said...

Hi there, I haven't utilize your pictures yet, but I see someone is going to be benefited with this post, so I made a hyperlink to your site, hope you won't mind. :)

de Cor's said...

Just copy and paste them together to the address box to view, have fun! :)

Starry Designs said...

Nope I dont mind at all. :) It has changed a little since I made this tutorial though. Might have to make a new one soon. Etsy's help section has a little tutorial too.

de Cor's said...

Alright I will check it out soon! Btw I love your new range and hope to see more... and I think I see there are other people's egg-nests laying around though, hmph. :)

Ganbate and Good Luck kay? ^^