Dec 17, 2007

Meetup with fellow Singapore crafters

Lis of Simple Arts Planet, Ruth of Sparkle Thots, and me met up for lunch at Dome last Thursday. We have been chatting online for a couple of months now and this is actually the first time we met up. Despite this being the first time, there were no shy smiles and awkwardness. We hit it off right away and talked about anything under the sun.

Here are Ruth and Lis. I think they both look good in this
picture. Lis thinks this picture is not as pretty as the
first one I took. I beg to differ. ;)

Here are Lis and jetlagging me. I had to go to Starbucks to
get my daily dose of Green Tea Latte. I am addicted to it.

Ruth is looking good in this picture. ;)

Now I am looking forward to the Singapore Etsy gathering in Jan 08. Details are posted here. I am excited to meet like-minded individuals. ;)


rachel said...

is that the banana republic top? i got the one in red! :)

Starry Designs said...

Yes it is! :p Haha we are such BR freaks.