Dec 19, 2007

New pictures

I am currently experimenting with new ways to photograph my jewelry. I am liking it, but would love to hear some critiques.

Thank you, Dad, for hunting down rocks for me. :)


SimpleArtsPlanet (SAPlanet) by Lis Chaong said...

I am loving it too! I always think that jewelry especially adorned with pearls or semi precious stones go perfectly well with natural elements, and earth tones background.

Great job there. The lighting is subtle yet clearly highlights the beauty of your works.

Go grab some pebbles and experiment. LOL

Starry Designs said...

Thank you. :D

I want critiques! :p

Sparkle Thots by Ruth said...

I agree with Lis. The lighting in both pictures is good. The earthy colours complement the items showcased very well. They create a peaceful and serene look that goes well with your image too!

msbelle said...

Another vote here for 'it looks good'!

By the way, happy holidays!