Feb 24, 2008

Assigned off days

After more than 2 years of working non-stop through the weekend, I decided that I should take 2 days off a week. So from now on, Saturday and Sunday will be my off days and I will *try to* have the discipline to stay away from work. So if you do not receive emails/convos from me during the weekend, please do not be alarmed. I will respond to you on Monday. ;)

I came to this decision because of a rude wake up call. I was *expected* to respond during the weekend. That made me really mad.

But all is good now, for I will keep to my weekly routine and deserved breaks. ;)

Till then...


Wan said...

You should have rest days! ;) Weekend recharges are the best for ensuring you have more energy for the weekdays.

msbelle said...

Hehe! I betcha can't do it, but you really, really should! Everybody should! It's the natural thing to do. If you worked a 9-5 job you would be taking those two days off (normally). So why not take them off in this job? It just makes sense and everybody who counts should understand that. Go! Have fun! Sleep! Don't worry about the computer or creating jewelry. Be you!!