Jun 29, 2008

Fit for the beautiful you

For the longest time, I have mentioned that I only sell and mail products that are fit for the beautiful you. Apparently, some other people love the same phrase so much that they are using it too (yes someone pointed that out to me).

Inspired? You tell me.

Sorry you had to listen to this rant. I try to ignore a lot of things, but on some days it is impossible. Certain things get on my nerves on some days and I feel the need to talk about it.

Down with plagarism!!!

Thank you for listening. And thank you, friends, for looking out for me. :)


Cocoa Pod said...


(My e-mail is always open if you want to rant further ;)

msbelle said...

Geez, is nothing sacred? Sorry to hear about that Cindy. You were the original though and I'm sure you're certainly the best. Still, that's really crass.