Jun 11, 2008

Luxury Goods scam

Out of curiosity, I actually bookmarked this site last month. Of course, I knew it was impossible for them to be real because there is no way LV or Gucci would have dealers represent their products. Then just last week, I decided to check out the site again. This time, the website was suspended. Something was definitely fishy.

Here is an except from their "About Us" page:

We are constantly searching the designer-brand and luxury goods marketplace for new stocks of fine merchandise, which we purchase in volume at attractive wholesale prices and deep discounts.

There are no middlemen or brokers, nor high retail space rentals, unnecessary staffing costs etc. involved - we buy direct at attractive prices and sell to you direct. This allows us to happily pass on the savings to you! Our merchandise is the same as those sold in the respective designers" or brands" boutiques - every product we offer is guaranteed genuine and authentic.
Yeah right!

Anyway I showed the site to my cousin today and he pointed me towards an article about this site. Read the full article here.

This site is a scam: designerluxurybrands.com . Please do not purchase anything from them.

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Loura said...

Good for people to know.