Aug 28, 2008

ABS by Allen Schwartz Lace Party Dress

Lace enhances the bodice of a dress with a full satin skirt. The tulle-trimmed waist is beaded with faux pearls and white and clear beads for beautiful embellishment.

So my dress arrived today! Yippee! I'm in love with it, and it is gorgeous!

However, it might be a little too formal for my cousin's church wedding. And the dress does not look as good on me as compared to the model. This blows. I have a perfect dress but I cannot wear it to the wedding. Worst of all, I have to spend more money to get another dress that is less formal. :(

I shall try to keep myself distracted by preparing for the new products launch on September 1. Toodles!

*Edit* My cousin gave the go ahead to wear the dress. So I will! :D

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