Sep 4, 2008

I want a Shin Tzu!

I want my Shin Tzu! I have been contemplating a Shin Tzu since she came out last week. And when I finally decided to get it, my order got declined! Boo hoo! I think Lis (Simple Arts Planet) has got something up her sleeves though. She says she has been planning something for months? What is she planning? Why did she decline my order!?!?!

Okay JOKES ASIDE! Lis is not evil. She has her reasons for rejecting my order, and I will only find out at the end of this month. I think YOU should get a Shin Tzu though, because she is just so adorable! This is by far my favorite from Simple Arts Planet. GET ONE NOW!

1 comment:

saplanet originals by Lis Chaong said...

Yes, I am not evil.. you will come to tears much later.. hiak hiak hiak.. good words doesn't make you eligible to buying still.. nope nope.. not a chance!