Dec 20, 2008

A Day of walking around and lotsa eating

Today I woke up all energized and ready to re-explore the place. Even though I have only been gone for one year, there has been many changes. My favorite WaMu branch changed their layout, and do did Banana Republic, American Eagle, and Victoria's Secrets. There were also a bunch of new buildings up in downtown and SW side of town. Most were 4 stories high, which is the maximum they are allowed (either 4 or 6).

I usually ask for to go boxes, but didn't need any today. I finished my breakfast AND dinner. That includes corn beef hash (see below) and a big burger with a ton of fries. Yum!

I have been taking pictures non stop, because I want to make sure I capture every one of the places that I frequent here. I only wish I started 2 summers ago, then I would have both summer and winter shots. Well I guess this would give me an excuse to come back another summer. I'm gonna miss this place like crazy.

Mill Pond at the Old Mill District

Corn Beef Hash at Sargent's Cafe. I order this all the time.