Dec 28, 2008

I woke up feeling very happy this morning...

I don't know why, but it must be accumulated happiness and I finally decided to blog about it today.

From the day I got here, Justin has been nothing but sweet (of course he has always been sweet, and I have learnt to appreciate it better now). All the small things he does never fails to amaze me. Here is what gives me a warm fuzzy feeling:

  • A jug of water was in the fridge when I got here. Moisturizer was in the bathroom. He didn't dare get all my toiletries though, because the last time he did, I got on to him because I didn't like the fragrance on those. :p
  • He bought a heating pad because he knows my feet gets really cold at night
  • He prepares the de-humidifier everyday and make sure it is in the room every night (without fail) because my nose isn't used to the dryness.
  • He shovels a small passageway to and around the car so I wouldn't have to step into foot deep snow.
  • When I was sick and laying in bed a lot, he brought me medicine and airborne everyday. He tended to my every request when I said "Justin do this, Justin do that".
  • He still opens the car door for me each time.
  • He prepares the bed for me every night - heating pad in the feet spot, 3 layers of blanket, warms up my side and then calls me to bed.
If there were a next life, I would want to grow up with him, and grow old with him... :)


beakee said...

wow. he warms your side of the bed. hehe... that's quite diabetic :P

Ruth said...

so sweet of Justin!!! :D and you still gave him a shelling re the lotions the last time?! tsktsk. :P

Starry Designs said...

Haha I'll tell him about the compliments.

I couldn't get on to him about the moisturizer cos they were unscented (which is the way I always like them). :D But shower gel and shampoo is a toughie.

ToPaZsKyE said...

wahhhh so sweet....u r such a lucky gal..hahha...yea, remember our chat about local men? tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

awwww!!! :)

Anonymous said...