Mar 14, 2009

Things are back to normal

We've finally settled in an apartment and things are getting routinized. School started 3 weeks ago and I'm getting the hang of studying again after 5 years of hiatus. All I can say is I love going to school again. I attempted to make some new pieces over this weekend, and you should be seeing them sometime soon - when I get my light tent set up. Most importantly, my camera is back and I am taking pictures again. Oh how I missed taking pictures. Here are some pictures I took the past week. Enjoy these and check back often for more blog posts and pictures. :)

We're keeping things simple for now. Hope to add more plants soon.

Trees and plants in the balcony

Kangaroo spotted at Yanchep National Park

Grass Tree at Yanchep National Park


msbelle said...

So good to see you're getting all settled! Can't wait to see your new pieces. And it looks like you'll have a lot of light for your tent so your pics will be fabulous as always!

Yay! Cindy's back!!

elishalong said...

How cool! Your balcony is on the ground floor. I like that... :)

And your packaging is gorgeous btw!

Starry Designs said...

Thank you, ladies. :D

Definitely a lot of light here, Ginger. :D