Nov 18, 2008

Computer issues

I haven't been online much because of computer issues. My laptop crashes whenever I run a flash application too long or whenever I try to install major software. After some diagnosis, Dell recommended I format my laptop to factory settings, which I did. However, my laptop is still crashing! Now they say they will send someone to change the motherboard tomorrow. I am definitely looking forward to that. 2 weeks of computer issues is just draining me.

Meanwhile, I will spend the rest of today staring at the laptop and installing important software. -_-

I am still able to access emails (thank you gmail) and process orders. :)

Now here is a picture that makes me smile.


Lis C. said...

I know.. You have 'ignored' me the whole of yesterday....

girlontheave said...

aww this makes me miss the pacific northwest:/ i think mount rainier was one of the prettiest places i visited there. - rachel

Starry Designs said...

Lis: Aww I'm all yours now. :D

Rachel: Definitely! The Pacific Northwest has so many pretty places. I miss it too. :(