Nov 10, 2008

Mmm new gadget

I had been eyeing a new camera since early this year. After much contemplation, I have decided on the Ixus 870 IS (SD880 as known in the US). The older Ixus 860 had plenty good reviews, but I didn't quite like the dial and how it worked. I'm glad I waited! The Ixus 870 possesses the new DIGIC 4 processor for faster image processing and has a perfect easy to use dial.

I am and always will be a Canon supporter. My first digital camera was the Ixus v2 (2002), and second was the Ixus 500 (2004). The Ixus' gorgeous looks never fails to buy me over. They have all served me very well too. I was hoping the Ixus 500 would break and give me the perfect excuse to get a new camera. After 4 long years, I could no longer wait.

See you in 3 weeks, my Ixus 870. :D


Anonymous said...

exciteeeeee!!!!! =DD

jarsofheaven said...