Nov 27, 2008

We obviously have no experience buying the lottery

Lis and I were out for errands yesterday when she suddenly said: Should we buy 4D?

Photo by dhamminah

If you know Lis well, you should be aware that Lis is an extremely lucky person and people have benefited from it. So when she suggested we buy 4D, I jumped at the opportunity immediately. Of course, it wasn't a smooth experience as it was our first time in the line.

Lis: Quick pick, please.
Teller: 4D or Toto?
Lis: Eh... 4D...
Teller: How much?
Lis: Eh... $2? 2 numbers please!

I mentioned the incident to my dad and he said: Wow. You make the teller talk so much just to earn $4 from you. Now I recall why the teller was staring at us in disgust. The conversation with us was probably the longest she had all day.

So apparantly, we were supposed to say "4D quick pick, 2 numbers, $2" and the teller would hand us our ticket without having to say a word. Well, that is pure laziness. Surely she needs some interaction. :p

Oh. And we didn't win anything. Buck up, Lis! Give me a good farewell present! I need it! :p


Lis C. said...

Hey! You forgot to mention this:
Cindy (right after the tickets were collected): Did you buy 'small'?
Lis: eh.. what is small for?
Cindy: small means the consolation prizes; big is for the top 3 prizes.
Lis: oh, really eh? Then how? Never mind, we aim for the big prizes

Much later, Mike told us a completely different definition of what Cindy told me!

Usually, people must prepare the numbers for me to pick, when we meet up again, please get ready the papers and I will pick really nice numbers for you ok.

Starry Designs said...

Shhhhh!!! I (conveniently) forgot about that part already!