Nov 26, 2008

We're on our way to Perth

Our visas have been finalized, so I can safely announce it now. Justin and I are headed to Perth, Australia for my postgrad studies. We can finally take the next step of our lives together. Perth is a beautiful place and we are very excited that we will be living there.

Photo by kimtojin

I am headed to Oregon next month to help Justin with all our furniture and belongings. We will officially leave Oregon in January and move on the Perth in February.

The shop will be closed from 12 December till sometime late February or early March till we manage to settle down and get into the groove of things. Do remain on our mailing list and check out this blog to see what we're up to! ;)


Creations by Belinda Lee said...

Hi Cindy!

Just read about your visa approval on facebook and decided to check out where you were going to and so surprised to hear you're headed for Perth! I travel down to Perth pretty often as I have many of my friends living there. Thats where Charlene did her Uni studies too. I don't mind it for a couple of weeks but more than that will kill me but its a pretty country and very relaxing. Good luck and keep in touch!

Starry Designs said...

Thank you so much, Belinda! We were there in April and loved it a lot. Definitely faster paced than our little town in Oregon (which is good for me). :p I'm sure Justin will like it a lot there. ;)

Creations by Belinda Lee said...

OK...if you compare it to Oregon and he's used to the slow pace he will love it. Which suburb will you be staying at? Close to Uni?

Remember stores close at 5 sharp except at 9 on Thursdays in the suburbs and shops stay open in the City on Sunday - 5pm. Good time to stock up on their dollar now. Understand it will drop further Currently at 0.92 against our S$

Starry Designs said...

We will probably live in a northern suburb just cos it's nearer and closer to family. :) School is UWA, so it isn't too near. But I should be fine with the commute. Bought a bunch of AUD here in Singapore. Now just waiting to TT over at a right time. Will also need to figure out the best way to convert the USD to AUD or we might incur a lot of fees.

I'm a homebody, so I shouldn't have a problem getting used to stores closing early. There will probably be inconvenience if we want stuff late at night though! :)

Hahah can you tell I'm excited? ;)

Creations by Belinda Lee said...

Sent you an email....yes I can feel the excitement from over here too ;p

beakee said...

Wow Cindy... I knew you were moving somewhere but I always thought it would be to Oregon :) Nice!

kerry kaye said...

Hey Cindy!

That is SO exciting! I was going to ask where you were heading to, but figured you'd surprise us soon enough!

It looks gorgeous in Perth - best wishes on the move and your future endeavours!


Lis C. said...

You know I am going to miss you. Remember to come home whenever you can, we can catch up over a nice cuppa coffee and tea.

We MUST meet up before you leave, I will bring a towel for you to cry in, I know you are so going to miss me too. LOL!!!

Keep in touch, always, eh.

Starry Designs said...

Thank you, ladies! I'm looking forward to having new inspirations from there. ;)

jarsofheaven said...

Ooh Perth is lovely! My husband studied there, enjoy yourself! We love Subiaco. :)

Starry Designs said...

Thanks! Yeah! I love Subiaco too. I foresee going there a lot. ;)

Jenna Appleton said...

Ooh, February! :)

Keep in mind that you're welcome to crash at our place if you're ever in Sydney, we'd love to have you (and Justin) to stay ^_^

Starry Designs said...

Awww thank you Jenna. We'll definitely have to head there one of these days since Justin's hasn't been there. I can drool at your beads and equipment at the same time.

You can crash my my place too if you decide to go to Perth. ;) We really hope to get a 2 bedroom apartment.