Dec 17, 2008

Amusing conversation with M1

I called in to suspend my mobile phone line because I will be away for slightly more than a month. After it was suspended, I attempted to explain to customer service the problem with viewing my bill online.

Cindy: I am unable to view my bill online (explains steps).
M1: I'm sorry, Ma'am. You are unable to view because I have suspended your line.
Cindy: No I tried this before I called you and there was this error.
M1: There shouldn't be a problem, Ma'am.
Cindy: There is a problem.
M1: It is because your line is suspended, Ma'am.
Cindy: I know that. I tried it earlier this year but gave up because it didn't work. And just now I called your BEFORE I suspend the line and it already didn't work.
M1: Ma'am, there shouldn't be any problem, Ma'am.
Cindy: But there is a problem. I tried it earlier and it didn't work.
M1: There shouldn't be any problem, Ma'am.
Cindy: Okay nevermind.

I wasn't mad, but it was rather amusing. I guess I will deal with not being able to view my bill online.


Anonymous said...

LOL that's so reassuring and helpful of the person, repeating the same line over and over again. have a safe journey! when are you coming back to sg?

Starry Designs said...

Hahah yes! Definitely assuring. :p I'm coming back for CNY.

beakee said...

OMG... that is lame, amusing and super infuriating... that person is not even doing their job properly :\

Anonymous said...

ooh ok...keep warm:) does this mean you're moving there for good tho?

Piggy said...

haha! :) Maybe you can just ask them for your bill stating that there might be some outstanding amount. :) Anyway, have a great break! Blessed Christmas!

Starry Designs said...

Can't expect good customer service in Singapore. It's a blessing if we get average customer service. :p

girlontheave: Nope, not for good. This is one of my last trips here though.

Piggy: Yeah I wish it was $0 outstanding for the next year or so. :p